Interview @ Eaton Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

On July 12, 2016, I had a campus of Eaton Technologies Pvt. Ltd. at Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli for the post of Associate Analyst. There was a criterion for the campus, the students having CGPA above 8 were only allowed. Following were the two rounds,

Round I: Technical Interview

In my panel, there were 3 people, one of them was from my college. The interview started with my introduction followed by my projects. They were asking me various questions about my projects, like what you did in this project? How it’s going to be useful?

Then they switched to the Java, and asked me few questions about it like, can we override the main method if yes then how? If no then why not?. After that, they showed me some programs in C and told me to find the output of those. The programs were tricky, it took me some time to understand the programs, I explained them the answers and the flow of all the programs.

Round II: HR

There were 2 people for HR interview, the interview started with usual my introduction, family background, extra-curricular activities. As I was credit transferred student to College of Engineering, Pune(COEP) they asked me questions about it like, How did you get the benefit of it? How do you find your college in comparison with them? Likewise. They asked me some questions which I have mentioned in the personal section of my resume what does that mean? How do you relate it to you? Afterward, they gave a situation the situation was like this, suppose that there is a team which constitutes you, a lady and your manager. The lady got so sick that, she was hospitalized. The manager has assigned you and the lady an important work which has a hard deadline. As she was hospitalized and you have to deliver the product to the customer at the time. What would you do? I explained to them what will be my approach in that scenario.

They offer placement and internship(6 months) for 6 students from the campus and I was one of them.
Cheers! 😃 


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